My Dad borrowed this from Ben Franklin and said it to me very often growing up, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”.

I think sometimes it takes years to unpack that kind of wisdom. Similarly, it has taken me years to unpack how to actually apply all of the data that we have started to have access to.

If you’ve ever signed up and collected data or felt compelled to keep data, perhaps this post will point you towards some sort of outcome in your own life. …

Starting out in one’s life it can seem exciting, overwhelming, sometimes disappointing, even scary. Like schooling, thinking about retirement and being wealthy seems so far away.

I recall the first job out of Engineering School paid me $42,000 before taxes. I was one of 3 in my graduating class that got a job in the year 2002.

The Tech bubble! Remember that black swan event?

It was a Field Technician job in the Construction Industry — specifically a Building Automation Technician. Seems like a lifetime ago now, but it was funny, because I lived at home and I went out…

It seemed like yesterday “Dad” showed up on the call display.

Dad showed up at the kid's birthday party.

Dad found every ounce of strength to shake your hand and congratulate you, or give you a hug, kiss, or his nod of approval.

Dad may have pushed you to your brink, or peeled you off of the floor.

Dad bugged the hell out of you on most days when he was here.

Sitting in the corner of the cupboard, Dad’s belongings sit untouched. His glasses and his work badge. Two years later.

It occurs that this feeling of emptiness doesn’t…

Facing the past in the present

I was 8 in 1987.

In Canada, we were getting ready to host the 1988 Calgary Olympics. Really exciting time!

I had a little notebook with pictures I had drawn of people winning medals. Strangely enough, I can vividly recall that me going to the Olympics was not a possibility.

I was more of an academic. It was in the classroom that I felt purpose and meaning.

The other kids and teachers were always anxious to hear about my writing, or let me show them something on the computer. I loved the school. …

Adults always had an answer prepared for you.

When I was a kid, the neighbour this crusty old guy named Fred told me that I should watch the news… “it’s good for you” he said…. I think I met him in every damn boiler room for the last 15 years… He kept telling me about retirement, when he could sit on his backside and watch the news while Elanor made him supper….

What do you want to be when you grow up?

They asked you when you only had the ability to dream, to be a kid. To play, to…

So a few years ago there was a moment -the idea! It sounded fun! It would enable a dream to come true. Freedom!…Maybe?

Like many, there was a moment of inspiration. For some, it comes hitting rock bottom. Whatever it looked like for you and however you got inspired the point is you did.

“Great — now what?” How does one take their 2 kid, 2 car family in a rural town and get to a point where they can launch a new dream. The truth is it was going to take time, money, and many crazy stories.

A business…

Neil Rampersad

Corporate Turd, Father, Investor and Full time Nerd

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